Sourcing Fashionable Wholesale Handbags

For as long as there have been humans around, there has been fashion of one kind or another, and modern times are no different. Our modern society brings along with it fashion choices of such a large number and variety that it can seem impossible to keep up with all of them. One area of fashion which is especially interesting is the fashion handbags niche. Fashion handbags have been around in one form or another for thousands of years, but never before in history has there been such an explosion in popularity for handbag style, design, and sheer luxury. And what better way to capitalize on this explosion than to acquire wholesale handbags for resale?

This renaissance in the fashion handbags industry has created an unprecedented demand for wholesale handbags, and in order to cater to this demand there are quite a few companies who began to specialize in supplying them. For reference, check out this popular wholesale handbags provider who caters to fashionistas seeking high quality designer inspired handbags. Here is a sample of the high quality handbags that they carry:

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In order for the prospective owners of outlets for handbags, such as boutiques, to get into the business, they need to know some things about how to source wholesale fashion handbags.

Buying wholesale handbags in bulk is a process made up of several parts. This procedure raises several relevant questions. What supplier type should be chosen? Where should one look to find these suppliers? What kind of research is necessary? What are some licensing requirements before making purchases? Lets answer these questions.


Whether you plan to stock your wholesale handbags at a storefront location such as a boutique, or whether you plan to market your products online or sell them from home as a side business, you need to know which type of supplier is the best for your individual needs.


For those who plan to market these products on the internet, drop shipping provides a safe and easy way to source your wholesale handbags, and eliminates the need for storage space. Due to the fact that drop shippers purchase the wholesale handbags from manufacturers or other distributors, they can be classified as distributors themselves. Upon receipt of your orders, the drop shippers will ship the purchases directly to your customers on your behalf.


If you plan to source wholesale handbags from another country, in some cases it will be necessary to retain the services on an importing service.


Those wishing to start a wholesale handbags business have the option of going directly to the manufacturer. This can sometimes be difficult to do for startups, as most manufacturers require the minimum order of handbags to be relatively large in quantity. For this reason, many manufacturers deal with distributors rather than private individuals. If the prospective buyer wishes to give this method a try, their best bet is to contact the manufacturer directly to find out what their policies are.


Many distributors deal directly with several manufacturers, and carry a large variety of wholesale handbags. It usually costs just a little bit more than it would if buying directly from the manufacturer, but the minimum size of the order will definitely be much smaller and therefore more affordable. Another advantage of dealing with distributors is the ability to order a variety of handbags all at once.


These suppliers can be very lucrative for the prospective buyer. If bought in bulk, an order of wholesale handbags can sometimes be had for as much as 70% off the original price. In some cases these may be slightly out of season, but are in brand new condition and in high demand.


The easiest place to start in the search for wholesale handbags suppliers is on the internet. One of the major search engines can be used to start a general search, but there are also specialty sites which can be visited. Sites such as Purse Obsession, Alibaba, and Global Sources can be a great place to start.


As in any business venture, due diligence should be applied when choosing a potential wholesale handbags supplier. One of the best ways to do this is to visit the suppliers website. Their operating policies for things such as backorders and returns should be looked at. In addition, it is a good idea to make certain that their contact information is clearly posted on the website. Once this is done, it is always good form to contact the supplier directly through e-mail or phone to get the ball rolling.


There will be a few easy to get pieces of business documentation that should be acquired before purchasing your handbags. Local and state business licenses may be necessary to have, but in many cases for the sale of handbags they may not be. Calls should be made to the local and state licensing agencies to make certain. In addition, some areas require proprietors to collect sales taxes, and if this is the case a sales tax license should be obtained. Since the fashion handbags will be bought in wholesale quantities, a sellers permit may also be a business requirement.

Yes indeed, getting into the wholesale handbags business has been and will continue to be rewarding for many people, and those who decide to enter this lucrative area of commerce will not regret the decision.